Horse Riders: 

Discover your Assertiveness in 12 Weeks


Horse Riders: Discover your Assertiveness in 12 Weeks

Course Summary:

Unmatched Abilities in 12-Weeks: Uncover Your Assertiveness to become a confident Horse Rider

If you’re an equestrian with hopes of taking your rides to new heights of enjoyment, listen up.

Our assertiveness course is for horse riders who want to excel at what they love, free from fear – like you. So saddle up, and hold on tight… Because your relationship with your horse, your unwavering confidence, and exhilarating rides to look forward to... can finally be yours!!

The first part to finding yourself fearless with your feet in the stirrups again, is navigating those difficult personalities in your stables that tell you that you should be doing it their way. By applying the principles and practices in this course, we will help you achieve just that!

Reap the Incomparable Benefits and Experience the Joy of Mastery:

Confidence: No more trying to avoid the queen bee of the stables, or fearful in navigating an overpowering equestrian coach. Find a way to confidently verbalise what you AND your horse need even against dominant personalities.

Connection: Feel an unspoken connection with your horse, as if you share a secret language only the two of you understand. Experience the sheer joy of partnering with your equine companion, fostering a relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and shared direction. When you're comfortable in your assertiveness, you can be a better leader for your horse.

Success: Witness tangible progress your riding experience. No more fear of the unknown, no more hiding.


$599 AUD

Best deal!

  • Immediate access to week 1 module, with each module being released every week giving you time to reflect and integrate the content
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching calls
  • Soft cover of the first book in the Self-Care Sips: Nuturing Wellness Over a Cuppa series, Ngardi Guwanda, Self-Care Sips: Reconnecting with your Inner Fire
  • Exclusive Membership to our Empowered Riders: Women's Assertiveness in Equestrianism community
  • Email support.
Invest in an Assertive Me

If you’re looking at this course, chances are that you’re struggling with assertiveness or finding advocating for your horse difficult when faced with dominant personalitites. I was prompted by people accessing my services, as well as friends of mine, to make this course after being told time and time again how confident and comfortable I appeared, no matter the social setting. In this course I detail the transformational methods I learned from my own and others experience in my search for self-improvement, stepping into my power and putting my horse first.


Why do we need need Assertiveness?

So you can understand how absolutely necessary developing this ability NOW is to you living the happy equestrian life you dreamed of. Stepping into your power, valuing yourself and your horse will enrich you with energy to push past your fear of asserting yourself.

If you’re lacking in assertiveness you not only:

  • miss out on professional opportunities
  • struggle to stand out (even when you want to)
  • struggle to voice your needs
  • are consistently being ignored
  • and are a magnet for manipulative people


You may also:

  • Struggle to advocate for your horse
  • Are impacted by dominant personalities in your agistment place.
  • Feel pressured by riding coaches when you know that your horse needs something different.

How do you show up in the world?

Do you feel unseen, unheard, discounted?

Are you struggling to voice your needs, thoughts and opinions? Are your boundaries constantly being ignored with people consistently taking advantage of your kind nature?

Do others take credit for your suggestions, leaving you to experience missed personal and professional opportunities?

It’s time to step beyond all of that and discover your inner assertiveness. Find your voice and change your life – you never know what opportunities that await you.

Some of the people who have completed our course, have:

Communicated their horse’s needs against ‘shouty’ coaches

Set respectful boundaries.

Stood up to dominant personalities at the stables or agistment centre.

Rediscovered who she is, learning to value, love and like herself.

Believed in herself and discovered the essence of confidence.

Improved her relationship and connection with her horse

Listened to herself and her horse and finally enjoyed riding again

Join today to change you and your horse’s experience in 12 short weeks!



As a way of giving back to Australian Indigenous communities, there is a 25% discount off the investment offered for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Utilise the code Scholarship in the checkout.

What our clients say:

“When I first came across Bianca’s Assertiveness training as part of a horse confidence course I wondered what it had to do with riding, and also thought we have quite enough pushy assertive people in the world . How wrong I was. The course was a game changer for me in believing in myself, the essence of confidence. It helped me, put into perspective the unsolicited advice and judgements so often prevalent with horse communities and begin to forge a relationship with my horse based on what is best for her, and for me. And that has led to a huge boost in my confidence my trust in my own ability and in my wonderful horse. It’s helped in so many ways. Who knew that if you can calmly understand how to fulfil your needs, and not put yourself last, anxiety reduces? Bianca comes from a place of such kindness that she made me realise assertiveness is about being kind to yourself and effective for your horse . It’s a great life lesson”.

– name withheld (UK)


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If you aren’t completely satisfied with 12 Weeks Assertiveness Course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.