FireWithin Series

Reignite Your Inner Fire and Embrace a Future Filled with Uncovered Purpose, Fulfilment, and Unashamed Awesomeness! FireWithin is a personal development program series designed for women who've lost touch with their inner fire and want more out of life.

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Discover your Assertiveness in 12 Weeks: Find your Voice and Change your Life

Wanting to improve your confidence / levels of assertiveness without a huge investment of your time and resources? This 12 session course delivered over 12 weeks, is perfect for improving your skills.

$599 AUD

HORSE RIDERS: Discover your Assertiveness in 12 Weeks

If you’re an equestrian with hopes of taking your rides to new heights of enjoyment, listen up. Our assertiveness course is for horse riders who want to excel at what they love, free from fear – like you. So saddle up, and hold on tight… Because your relationship with your horse, your unwavering confidence, and exhilarating rides to look forward to... can finally be yours!!

$599 AUD